• I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am of myself, for just this half of the year. I have grown so much as a person and an artist. It's been a really weird one, but I am not going to let any of it hold me back! I made my own handmade store, became a pattern designer, and have continued to build up my design business. Tomorrow I'm living my dream of stepping foot into the @surtexshow. I couldn't have gotten here without some seriously supportive friends that helped me believe in myself again. I am so thankful for my past and all of the toxic relationships that inspired each of my patterns. Your craziness seriously was my inspiration... Freedom is something you take. And this is just the beginning! #jaxisrad

Mac N Cheese

Finished pattern design 1. It is now a repeatable pattern that will be used on other materials. These next patterns are inspired by my roommate stories...which I have a lot. "Remember when you spilled mac&cheese all over the kitchen and blamed it on a ghost?!" I had to clean it up. This is for you! #odetoroomates